The Misconception Of Introverts And Extroverts!!!

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“Harry and Margaret have a wonderful relationship”, said Mrs. Johnson, Harry’s mother, she went on to say “my Harry is talkative but, that’s what you need in a good marriage, a strong, man” and “Margaret is the perfect wife, “quiet and submissive” and is truly a great mother, she just have to look at her kids: Mark and Janice and they get back in line” bragged Mrs. Johnson!!!

Mrs Johnson, would talk about and bragg on her son and daughter-in-law, daily, monthly and some times hourly. She just was so proud that her son, was married, had a beautiful family and a great job that he loved.

Harry was a Lawyer and not just any Lawyer he was Assistant District Attorney, he graduated third in his class from Princeton, that’s where he met his wife, she was first in their graduation class and she is his boss, The District Attorney, they get along so great, and one day they plan to open up their own “Law Firm!!!”

Mr, & Mrs. Johnson alway work as a team, that’s the reason they work well together, in law school, they meet and most if their dates were in the law library, with books and splitting a sandwich, chip, and a soda.

He always admired how quiet, she was, and how she could remember so many, great law cases, can guote parts of them verbatim, and how she could write a brief in nothing flat. She always admired about him, his “no fear”, “go for the throat” tenacity, and “his think on his feet” depositions and summations.

Being a extrovert, he was talkative, but it was no problem to her because she truly listen. He respected her quite dispostion and how strong of a litigator she is in court. Her being a Introvert she was quite when needed, but see how even in his quite time he creates some of the best argument, but other people stuck in the

Extrovert and Introvert stereotypes, believe it works because opposites attract. However, they work because truly loved and respected one another and that make the marriage!!!

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What is a Introvert and Extrovert:
The introvert gets their energy from within, while the extrovert is charged up by people, places and stimuli outside of them,” according to Jennifer B.

Kahnweiler, Ph.D, a certified speaking professional, executive coach and author.
Introverts embrace solitude and require alone time, she said. They enjoy deep one-on-one conversations. “They let their fingers do the talking, opt for email over telephone and like to express ideas in writing, because it gives them a chance to self-reflect.”

Extroverts like to mingle and move around in social situations. “They talk first, think later, because they express themselves more easily verbally.” They tend to be more energized and have a faster pace and cadence in their voice, she said.
As I said earlier, people like Harry’s Mom come in with their own Extrovert and Introvert stereotypes, as she stated: “Harry is talkative” and “Margaret is the perfect wife, “quiet and submissive” this may be from her point of view but, not who they are. Which is truly a misconception, here are a few more:

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Misconceptions of Introverts and Extroverts
By. Margarita Tartakovsky, M.S
A. Introverts:
1. Myth: Introverts are shy.
Fact: There are certainly shy introverts. But introversion and shyness are not synonymous. Introverts just “seem shy because they tend to think before they speak,” said Helgoe, also an assistant professor of psychology at Davis & Elkins College in West Virginia. They process things internally, whereas extroverts process things as they’re speaking, she said.

2. Myth: Introverts don’t make good public speakers.
Fact: “At least half of people who speak for a living are introverted in nature,” Dr. Kahnweiler said. They just prepare and practice really well, and “they draw from their strengths.”

3. Myth: Introverts aren’t happy, or extroverts are happier.
Fact: Lately, people has been seeing this myth or versions of it all over the media. But it isn’t that introverts are unhappy, or extroverts are happier than introverts. They’re simply happy in different ways.

B. Extrovert:

1. Myth: Extroverts are bad listeners.
Fact: “Extroverts can be incredible listeners, because they draw people out by their open-ended questions and paraphrasing,” Dr. Kahnweiler said. For instance, they might say, “So tell me more about that” or “What you said was…” Extroverts are able to develop rapport with others and know how to make people comfortable, she said.

2. Myth: Extroverts don’t like quiet or alone time.
Fact: Extroverts do need this type of time to recharge. But they need it in “shorter doses and in different ways,” Dr. Kahnweiler said. For instance, an extrovert might listen to music with their headphones on while sitting in a coffee shop, she said.

3. Myth: Extroverts are shallow.
Fact: Again, extroverts and introverts simply have a different way of processing information, Dr. Helgoe said. She gave the example of her husband, an extrovert. “He might strike up conversations with different people or be more active in a conversation. But he’s going deeper in a different sort of way. By the end of the night he’ll have a better idea about this group of people or more information on a topic, because he’s explored it deeply through interaction.”

C. Both: Introverts and Extroverts
Myth: You are either an introvert or an extrovert.
Fact: Think of introversion and extroversion as falling on a continuum. “Most people fall somewhere in the middle,” Dr. Kahnweiler said.
In Conclusion

Introvert and extroverts do not live, act, and respond on a continuum. Like any other group they will not always act in accordance and to the letter based on their groups actions and beliefs.

So that means, “You can be an extrovert who likes to daydream and reflect deeply on idea. You can be an introvert who loves talking to people. You can be an assertive, loud-talking introvert. You can be a sensitive, socially awkward extrovert. We need to shed the outdated and self-diagnosed notions of binary personality because it’s not useful for understanding who we really are.” (Thorin Klosow)

Like Harry and Margaret learned. That you don’t have to be anyone’s stereotype and as they built their relationship and family. Secondly, they didn’t marry a Introvert nor Extrovert, they married each other. And lastly with love, respect, listening, and true grit, and no matter introvert or extrovert, together, they will be great people!!!

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Judgement’s or Accusations

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“Its three o’clock in the morning, and my sixteen year old daughter Sharon is not at home!!!”Mother Patricia is gritting her teeth while talking to her husband. She continues to rant: “I told that girl, 10:30 and she is not answering her phone either!!!” Martin and Patricia are pacing the floor, angry and scared, because they haven’t heard from their teenage daughter for hours.

Just then, they hear a key, turning the lock in the front door, and Sharon appears in the door way. Mom and Dad angry but relieved, walk up to their daughter, and Patricia asks: “Where were you? And Why are you just coming home at 3:22 a.m.? Huh? Sharon replies with a little edge to her voice, Jeff’s car stopped and we had to wait for a tow-truck. Mom asked “why didn’t you call?” “We are up worried” Sharon answered “Mom, my phone went out”, Mom snaps back, Didn’t Jeff have a phone?” “His mom needed the phone, her phone is out.” Sharon reply’s, Mom say, I’m going to call Jeff’s parent’s, early in the morning!!!         Image result for Mother and Father angry with Daughter

“Because your story seem suspicious, and I don’t trust you with this boy.” said Mom “Please Mom, don’t start judging me again.” asked Sharon, Mom starts back: “Wow you come in at 3 in the morning with this lame story and telling me, don’t judge me? Mom continues “this crap started two month ago when you met that, Jeff..,” cutting her off, Sharon said: “now your going to judge Jeff?” Then mom point’s in her direction saying: “you belong to me and I will judge anyone or anything that involves you!!!” Mom continues “And Everyone makes judgement’s everyday, mom’s make judgement’s for kids, wives make judgement for and about husband’s, bosses make judgement’s (to for and about) workers, pastors make judgement’s about messages they want to preach. It happens all the time. The question not am I judging you, its am I pointing the proverbial finger of accusation at you? Because you feel guilty!!!”

Sharon asked: Why should I feel guilty, I didn’t do anything?” Mom says “that’s my question too? What did, you do?”

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A Judgement is defined as: the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.
And judgement can be put in two different category or kinds:

The first kind of judgment is judgment as such, judgment in the abstract. By this I mean the logical form of judgments: the affirmation or denial that a predicate belongs to a subject, that some state of affairs is true or is not true.

This is “the second act of the mind” in traditional Scholastic logic, and the only one that contains truth. The first act of the mind, simple apprehension or conception, does not contain truth because it merely conceives of concepts, which are neither true nor false, but are the raw material or contents of true or false judgments.

Thus neither the concept “apples” nor the concept “fruits” is true or false, but the judgment “Apples are fruits” is true.

Mom’s Judgement was very clouded by her anger, frustration, and fear concerning her daughter, Sharon. So she went from scared,mad, criticizing, to judgements, to accusations. She could have handled, her discussion differently.

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Here are some tips: below are eight key dynamics that are useful to keep in mind when judging others.

1. The empathy dynamic. When evaluating someone else’s actions or personality, it is crucial that you understand where they are coming from, their perspective, history, and the experiences that went into the current situation. In the above example of the 15 year-old, at some point it would be crucial to be very clear about her narrative and understanding what she was thinking and feeling when she made that decision.

2. The values-frame dynamic. Related to the empathy dynamic, this dynamic refers to whose values are being used to frame the evaluation and why. Are those value-frames absolute, or idiosyncratic and relative? For example, if you claim that it is wrong to be a homosexual, what value-frame are you enacting? What if that person does not get their values from the same place?

3. . The power dynamic. Obviously, the dynamics are very different if your judgments potentially carry much influence, as opposed to if they do not. So, it is crucial to keep in mind what is the direct and potential impact of your judgment.

4. The person vs. situation dynamic. Research shows that when judging others we tend to over-attribute acts to people’s personalities rather than to the variables in the specific situation. For example, if someone cuts in line, we will tend to see that person as a selfish and insensitive. Of course, if we cut in line, we will have the situational need very clear in our heads (“I am in a hurry and need to do it just this once!”).

5. The person vs. the act dynamic. Even at his most nonjudgmental, Rogers certainly would agree that not all behaviors are created equal. To maintain a nonjudgmental attitude toward an individual’s essence, many therapists will separate problematic acts from the person. In short, judge the sin, not the sinner.

6. The open vs. closed dynamic. Although we need to be cautious about being gullible, it is crucial that if new data emerge that challenges our initial opinions we remain open to changing our evaluations.

7. The shallow vs. expert knowledge dynamic. Ideally, our commitments to our judgments ought to be based on the depth of our knowledge. Unfortunately, people often form strong judgments basic on snapshots and stereotyped frames. Indeed, it is not at all uncommon that the more you know the less certain you become.

8. The optimistic vs. pessimistic dynamic. Although overly optimistic judgments about others can surely create potential problems, it is probably also the case that pessimistic judgments about others are more likely to be damaging or injurious.

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Sharon walked in a hostel environment, her Mother went from, being anger, to being judgmental, her judgments based on her own idiosyncratic values or tastes, overly based on other people’s character, closed, shallow, and pessimistic, and ultimately have the consequence of making her daughter feel hurt and wanting to defend herself, judgments were, problematic and from judgement’s moved to accusations!!! And That was wrong. However Mom was so worried that when she saw Sharon was safe and not sorry, Mom got mad and when she heard Sharon’s lame excuses Mom got even madder!!!

Mad and anger is no excuses for making an accusations, but judgement’s are: normal human processes: Humans are born to judge and in our early stages of life our judgement’s can be serious as life or dead, like crawl the wrong way or eat the wrong thing and we could die. Judgement starts early from birth, because we are born with the tool to Judge: our three senses are very intoned and ready to make sense of our environment, we look, we smell and taste to analyze the safety of the things we encounter, the things we see, eat, and the things we hear. Babies even make judgement’s on whom they want to hold them. So please judgement’s aren’t a bad thing they are a naturally good thing!!!                   Image result for tips to keep in mind when judging others


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“It’s was the day of Mark and Martha’s wedding, it was so exciting, it seem like everyone was there.” James said to his wife Jamie as he arrived late at the ceremony, and she responded ” your right, Man, it looks like the entire in the families here.”

Scanning the room, James could see: his Mom beaming,  in her beautiful dress, his macho dad, that his never was outside of anything wearing his uniforms or jeans, now in a fancy tuxedo. All of his sister’s & brother’s dressed to the nine’s, in suits and extravagant gowns.  His aunt’s, uncle’s hugging and smiling, looking beautiful and handsome,  grandmother hovering over, and controlling everything “as usual,” in pretty blue dress, grandfather dressed in all black, suited down and taking his daily nap, and lastly my cousin’s, nephew’s, niece’s, and brother-in-law, and sister-in-law were there too.                                                               Image result for Wedding

It was a very festive occasion, and like all memorable occasions, everyone had their camera, in hand, ready to go, taking: pictures, selfies, and video’s of everything that was happening.

While everyone was posing, and taking individual picture, his Aunt Morgan called to him saying “James can you take my picture?”  he said to her “be there in a minute,” ” hey, Auntie, take a selfie, while you wait?” he was busy helping his little nephew Tim put on his cummerbund.
James finally finished with Tim’s cummerbund, walked over to his aunt and asked, “Auntie are you ready” she answered “yes but I really, I hate these camera’s, on the phones, every time I try, I just don’t take a nice selfie.  That’s why I asked  you to take my picture.” He answered,” OK,” but truly Auntie, you really are, beautiful,” as he clicked the camera on her phone.

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Taking picture with a camera phone is such a hassle: you take shot after shot and it always end with: This statement, “I hate my selfie”, or “I take 10 or 20 selfies and choose the one I like”, “because, I take terrible selfies.” people taking picture’s and not liking them, has been a issue for years, since the invention of the camera.

Photography is a word derived from the Greek words photos (“light”) and graphein (“to draw”). The word was first used by the scientist Sir John F.W. Herschel in 1839. It is a method of recording images by the action of light or related radiation onto a sensitive material.

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Taking picture involves many things and or people: a photographer, a studio, which is a big enough space, having sometime different scenes to take pictures in,  A cumbersome camera with multiple lenses, in the early days the camera was mounted on a stand, later handheld.  Different type of lighting, later added “flash” and natural lights. Film, which captured the image, that if touched wrong, or put in the camera wrong would have ended with tragic photo outcome, film later was easier to install. A model the person or persons being photographed, who sat for an enduring amount of time, sometimes hours, being posed, moved, and prodded, and “your face would hurt, from smiling you much.”  And Lastly development of the film, the film captures the image and the image is transferred to a piece of paper, this was done in a separate room from the studio, because of the chemical processes. This room is called a “development laboratory.”Image result for history photography

Taking picture was a large arduous undertaking and when people namely families wanted to take picture’s, it was a all day affair, similar to today’s, taking of “prom pictures” or “yearbook photo’s.”

However, Today pictures is less intense, and can be relatively done with ease, because of the digitizing process. The digital process uses pixiels to capture image’s using a digital camera and with the aid natural lighting, or “the flash” lighting image’s in darker spaces. You can have a entire phone or camera filled with pictures. Add a home printers and you can print the photographs. These digital camera’s are so small that they can practically fit in anywhere or put in anything.  Which made them a perfect addition to the modern smart phone and with all the photo possibilities the popularity of “selfies.”                               Image result for taking selfie

The invention of the camera is Amazing, and is one of the most useful and creative idea’s of the twentieth century!!! But as with every great and very popular invention, the camera brought one problem with it from the first photo to the first selfie: the fact most people don’t like every photo that they take!!!

I remember people not liking picture of themselves, all the way back to the time, my mom taking my picture with my mouth open when I was five years old.  Looking back at my experience, I believe then, like I believe now, that the reason for our harsh assessment of these selfies is because “We have spent our lives seeing our faces in the mirror, and we have become used to seeing our face that way.  So when we take a picture, we don’t realized that, our camera reverses the image, and to us it doesn’t look right, or the way we are used to.

The image in the mirror is way we have all way seen ourselves, but that image looking back at us, we might not realize is not symmetrical, we all have symmetrical issues like: “Some people part their hair on one side rather than the other.Lots of people have one eye slightly larger than the other.Other people may have one curvier eyebrow and one straighter or pointier.Most people smiles slightly more out of one side of their mouth than the other.Most people have a mole, scar or facial feature on one side and not the other.”

“No one has a perfectly symmetrical  face,” or a face without some maybe small issue. Also when it comes to nice looking pictures, it might not be your face, “Don’t blame your face.  Blame your brain instead.

Selfies sometimes look strange to us because of how we see ourselves everyday in our reflection, how we perceive our own attractiveness, and the technical details, of what the carmera lens shows.

Moverover “The lens will show things like “if your nose goes 2mm to the left, then when your image is the other way round it appears to be 4mm to the right of where you’re expecting it to be.”

Lastly “The parts of your face that are closer to the camera seem larger than other features in comparison to non-selfie photographs, where the distance from the camera to your face is longer and has more of a flattening effect on your face.  And “(Different lenses, such as wide-angle lenses, can alter this effect, and lens makers says the differences are negligible.)

The camera industry was created, to help people take a picture of things that people wanted to remember, and it blossomed in to it own mega purpose tool.  With it growth it brought problems and one unforseen problems was vanity, people wanting to be seen in the best light. And as long as their are people and picture we will always have this common issue.


Today the selfie is that issue, “The Perfect Selfie” and if went that perfect shot we have to realize, it is not just a adjustment of your camera, or a larger amount of pixels, or the person holding the phone, its knowledge and a lot of trial and error.
That is learning the technics While take a lot of selfies, guarantee you will end up feeling a lot better about your image and more comfortable in their own skin!!! Happy Selfies!!!!

Educating Teachers and Parents About Helping Students

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Two day’s in the entire school year inner city teacher’s dread: the first one is parent-teacher confidences and the second is parent visits. The reason these day’s are traumatic is that they come with all the arguments, cussing out, fighting, as a street brawl and all the fireworks, fanfare of any 4th of July celebration.

These meeting are so volatile, and heated that when the parent’s come into the school, they should announce: “in this corner…” ding, ding, ding, ding!!!!

Let me explain how teacher conference day, evolve:

It’s the day of conference, and the school and individual classrooms have “Welcome” signs “all over” for parents to see. There is food, like fried chicken, jojoj’s, and cole-slaw, it’s there to entice the parent to come. Anything to get a good turnout because most parent-teacher conference’s get only 10 parents to showup for the 500+ kids in school, and that a good night!!! Inner city teaching, is a “ruff gig!!!”

All the parents come in the building, cocked and loaded waiting. Waiting for the teacher to make one fatal remark, about one of “they” kids, fist clinched and saying: ” I hope this B…., don’t say nothing bad about my baby!!!”

The unsuspecting teacher is professional, in all capacity of the word, not realizing that she or he is about to be feed to hunger lion. The two major problems are distrust, suspicion, unfamiliarity and the major communication problems that come with that. Also another problem is parents perception of condescending behavior, because the teacher is talk to the parent as a classroom manager, and the parent want then to be talked to like a co-teacher and that’s not the relationship. The relationship was classroom manager and child-supervision: there is a big difference!!!

Manager Supervisor difference: “The term “manager” is much abused. In principle, it refers to a person who has the authority to hire and fire. A supervisor is someone who is supposed to organize a group and see that it properly performs its mission, but he or she aren’t generally given the proper authority that really makes this possible.”

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Parent: Child-Supervise:
Supervise mean : observe and direct the execution of (a task, project, or activity).

The Parents (no education required) are daily supervising all the day to day activities of the students, loving and helping them even with homework using (circular reasoning) at time’s to persuade to do things. Kids say “I’m tired of mom talking about the same things over and over again,” and help working with them ” work together” this is touchy feely,”loving and one on one!!!

Teacher Manage: Manage definition: be in charge of (a company, establishment, or undertaking); administer; run.
“their elder son managed the farm”

synonyms:be in charge of, run, be head of, head, direct, control, preside over, lead, govern, rule, command, superintend, supervise, oversee, administer, organize, conduct, handle, guide, be at the helm of; informalhead up

Teachers (college educated,) manage educational process set up curriculum, get paper work together, planning the daily lesson, setting up assignments, reading the state testing strategies and making sure there lesson lines up with the State Test, taking classes. And managing workload of 150+ students

What is the actual goal of education, it’s actually to teach student, but terrible parent teacher relationships and conferences issue impends this process, so we need to find a solutions to help parents and teachers come together, also open up the lines of communication between them, to help student. this will helping students, grades, and graduation rates.

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How Teachers Can Develop A Positive Relationships with Parents

1. Smile When You See Parents
Greet them. Most parents only occasionally interact with teachers so make sure that at least 90 percent of your encounters with them are positive, warm, and friendly. The impressions left from fleeting encounters in the hallway last a long time.

2. Learn Their Names
(If you have a self-contained class.) Learn how they like to be addressed (Mr. ____? Señora? By their first name?) and how to pronounce them correctly.

3. Declare Your Intention
Tell them that you want to partner with them, that you appreciate their support, and look forward to working together.

4. Communicate Often and in Various Forms
Provide information about what’s going on in your class (weekly would be ideal): what students are learning, what they’ve accomplished, what you’re excited about, what they’re excited about, and the learning and growth you’re seeing. Suggest things that they might ask their child about: “Ask them to tell you about what they learned last week about meal worms,” or “Ask them to read you the haiku they wrote.”

5. Make a Positive Phone Call Home
If you have a self-contained class, call all homes within the first couple of weeks and then at regular intervals throughout the year. If you teach many students, identify those students who perhaps need a positive call home.

6. Lead with the Good News
Give positive praise first when calling parents or meeting with them to discuss a concern. Every kid has something good about him/her. Find it. Share it. Then share your concern. Adhere strictly to this rule.

7. Find a Translator
If you can’t speak their language, seek a translator for at least one parent conference and/or phone call. (For obscure languages, you can sometimes find a refugee center or other public agency that can help). Reach out to those parents as well; do whatever you can to connect.

8. Your Language is Powerful
It communicates an awareness that there are many different kinds of families. Be careful not to assume a mother is, or isn’t married, or even that if she is married, she’s married to a man. Learn to ask open-ended questions and understand that sometimes parents/guardians might not want to share some information.

9. Ask Questions about the Child
“What kinds of things does he enjoy doing outside of school? Who are the special people in her life — family or family friends? What do you think are her best characteristics? What was he like as a little boy?” Demonstrate an interest in knowing your student.

10. Listen to Parents: Really listen. They know a whole lot about their kid.
In Conclusion                                               Image result for parents and teacher partnership

Teachers strive to establish partnerships with parents to support student learning. Strong communication is fundamental to this partnership and to building a sense of community between home and school. In these changing times, teachers must continue to develop and expand their skills in order to maximize effective communication between the school and person. If this is done effectively the kids, the school, and Parents will all benefits!!!

The Misconception Of A Sexy Women

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Miranda finally made it home, it was 6 am, and the party was over for hours but she had to leave…. Looking at her phone, she notice that she had, forty four voice messages, and twenty two text, she knew who they were from, and she was far to tired to see or talk to anyone!!! Taking off her clothing, she could feel the intoxicating feeling, of the wanting, wanting to release, but she will wait until she is in the warmth of her shower. As she finish taking off her things, she can hear the the jealous, and hater girls, talking and calling her names in her thoughts.

It all started two years ago, she was at a sleeping over at her friends place, and they were talking about guys, and one girl said “I had a boy lick my butt, and I liked it.” He was kind and gentle, and I’m thing about letting him do me.” the other girls said “in the ass!!!” started laughting, and the first girl said “yeah why not?” but Miranda continued to to be quiet. Because if she told them, about what she was thinking and feeling, it would be all over the campus.

Walking into the shower, the warm water felt wonderful, and her head fell back and she started to touch herself. She loved masturbating in her shower, because she was alone, and could get as loud as she wanted, and no one would judge or disturb her. She could pleasure herself over and over again, with orgasm after orgasm, and because she squirts she wouldn’t have to clean up. This was her secret sexy sexual place, where she can always come with no name calling, no strange looks and no judgements. Her place, because loves her privacy as much as she loves sex!!!
Fresh out the shower: smelling good, looking good, and feeling even better!!! She start reminiscing about the previous night and drifting, sleep comes easy!!!

Image result for alluring

Miranda is a highly sexual black women, a twenty-two year old college Junior, with a major in biology and a minor in pre-law. Living on her own, by chose, because of the problem she had with women at the dorms.

While on campus during her freshmen year, she had multiple-sexual partners of multiple-races and sizes. For the first time in her life, she felt like herself, alive, and able to enjoy being adored by men.

However, most of the other freshmen female’s feeling not as secure as her, started calling her name, and A couple of the names, stuck and hurt. These names were thot and hoe. The names hurt her to the core, because when her Mom would come for her weekend visits, she would get drunk and call her that repetitively. So the pain of those words would hurt bad,very bad, because the wound was deep!!!

The freshmen girls weren’t only insecure about her dating opportunities, they also was envious of her body: she had the perfect hour glass shape, a Coke bottle shape: 36:20:37, yes, double D’s and a round apple bottom!!

So when they talked about her, all of the jealous and envious girls would all “chime in”, and go heavy on the put-downs. That’s why  last night, she left the party early and arrived home at 6am, It was to avoid all of that drama.

Miranda is a girl with a very strong sexual appetit, most of these types are: talked about, disrespected, put-down, and called names.

However at their core these girls, are nice kind and fun to be with type, Sometimes these type of women have reasons for their high libido, which have nothing to do with sexual desire, these four things are: medical, physical, emotional, or trauma. Here are some causes:

What Are Some Causes Of High Libido In Women?Image result for libito

1. Medical Conditions: In a few cases, a high sex drive in women is cause by certain medical conditions. Such conditions can easily be treated medically. Medical counselling often helps women with a high libido by discussing the root cause of their heightened sex drive.

2. Drug and Alcohol Abuse: Some women who abuse drugs and alcohol also experience a high libido.

Such women can try to work through this with the help of a therapist and the support of her partner.

There are also treatments available for severe cases. It is important to see a doctor for a proper diagnosis.

3. Bipolar DisorderBipolar Disorder: Women suffering from bipolar disorder usually have an increased sex drive. Also referred to as manic-depressive disorder, this condition switches from manic episodes to periods of peace. Anti-depressant medicines and counselling go a long way in controlling the symptoms and treating high sex drive in women.

4. Pancreatic Endocrine Tumour: Occurrences of pancreatic endocrine tumours are very rare, but can cause a high sexual drive in women. This condition prompts the secretion of large amounts of insulin, glucagons and somaostatin, which can alter hormone levels and make a woman more sexually active.

5. Persistent Sexual Arousal Syndrome: This is a serious sexual disorder that causes women to have a high libido, to the point of frustration. Even the slightest touch can lead her to have an orgasm.

Moreover, high libido female’s can even experience several orgasms during the day. The heightened desire for sexual intimacy is caused by the constant swelling in her genital areas due to excessive flow of blood.

6. EpinephrineHyperadrenalism: This is one of the causes of high sex drive in women. The secretion of large amounts of adrenal hormones causes hyperadrenalism.

7. Medications such as epinephrine and corticosteroids usually increase the amount of adrenal hormones.A woman suffering from hyperadrenalism may also experience increased body hair, facial hair and deposition of fat on the top portion of her back.

8. Other Causes: A child who is sexually molested may start to masturbate long before the onset of puberty. Many of the foods that we consume have hormones added to them that may increase libido in females.

9. Some chemicals such as DDT and other pesticides stay in the body’s fat cells and can cause a hormonal imbalance. Anxiety is another important cause of a high sex drive in women. This is because orgasms act as a way to psychologically comfort oneself.

Miranda’s desire was never diagnosed, because she never sees her strong desire, as a issue or a problem. However, there is a dark side to being a strong libido female, but the problem don’t come the inside of them, like emotional, mental, or physical, it comes from the outside involving other people, such as:

1. They have trouble finding a partner who can keep up.

2. They always have to initiate sex.

3. Their partners can get lazy about satisfying them during sex.

4. We get rejected because they enjoy sex too much.

5. We can’t always get what we want.

6. If we want something done, we have to do it ourselves.(self satisfaction)

7. They’re always the Samantha Jones of our friend group.

8. Society tries to shame them.

9. Men are confused by them.

10. They’re turned on by everything.

In Conclusion
Miranda is not a just a story character, she is a person that I excluded name, because as I boldly illustrated earlier, she have enough problems. Problems all from other people who are jealous, envious, or cannot satisfy her. However she a a giver, and she onky wants to get is the pleasure of physical intimacy and penetration. She knows what orgasm is and she is looking to find it. It’s one of her main priorities in life.

She not mean, or arrogent she is generally nicer than most women are to men, even to the one who pursue her, who she is not interested in, because she can personally relate to their sexual desires and fantasies.

She often feels what these men feel. In turn, because she is interested in sex more and because she is easier to get along with due to her less uptight nature, she is more likely to connect with guys quicker and have sex more often.

When high libido woman have sex, they enjoy it much more than other women who are colder. Her satisfaction from sex is also much greater. I like that: Women With High Sex Drive Are Nicer to Men!!! And I like nice!!! So everybody remember they are women first and they need to be respected as such!!!Image result for female statues



Image result for Fake Truth


“Its terrible BUT true that “Some People” will spread information/rumors, even if they don’t know if its true, accurate, know where it came from, or where it going!!!”

Feb 12 ….

It was Jane’s first day of school, as a teacher, she was filling her walls, finishing her lesson plan, organizing her desks in preparation for her new student’s. She had two day’s left to get ready before the arrival of the students. Thinking of her acomplishments she said: “After four years of college, two years of graduate school, being a teaching assistance, three years substituting, I finally secure a coveted fulltime teaching position.” “Yes.” she exclaimed, Now she had a great salary and she can: plan her life, buy a house, get a car, “that won’t break down.” Her car is so bad that she know her mechanic’s wife and kids full names, LOL.

Looking around the classroom, she notice that, the classroom was close to being perfect, she thought to herself “only a couple of signs left” then she remembered that one of her new colleagues Linda, asked her to lunch, Linda asked “it’s potluck remember?” Smiling excitingly she thought “my colleague and my first lunch meeting.” It was almost lunchtime, and she took one more look of admiration around the classroom, as she walked out.

The teacher lounge was filled with smell of great homemade foods, as Jane add her mom’s fantastic potatoe salad, to the mix.
Conversation was at fever pitch, as all the teacher seem to talk at once, in anticipation of the impending school year.

In the mist of all the food and festivities, the para-staff came upstair to the teachers lounge, to enjoy that wonderful banquet of homemade delights. Jane was finshing her last bit of brownie, and proceeding to leave to complete her classroom, she thought to herself “two more days, till the first day of student’s and classes.” While walking to class she was stopped by a guard (a paraprofessional) asking, “are you new?” she answered “yes”, he continued to ask “are you ready for the kids?” she answered “almost.”

Then the conversation moved to teachers pay. He said “I heard that, the custodians in the public schools, makes more than teacher.” she didn’t respond because it was ludicrous and ridiculous, so she just smiled and went back to work. While in class, she forgot the entire conversation and finish her classroom.

It was June, thinking to herself ” I made it!!!” The end of my first year teaching.” Finishing the grade for her final assignment, she was reading over a students book reports, she came across a paper about the book “Hidden Figures”, by Margot Lee Shetterly. Something in the student’s paper caught her attention, the author referenced to the “Black Teacher Equal Pay Act.” The major argument in the reading was a comparison, saying, “that black teachers made less than white janitors.” she also realized that this it was also publicised in the Newspaper, and because of the proliferation of the information, alot of people heard about it give it a strong liklyhood of misinformation. Then it “hit her” my “guard buddy” got this information wrong, “second-hand,” and might not even knowing where this quote came from.

Thinking back to her encounter with the guard, she responded “I know that statement was ludicrous, but I never thought he would also took it “out of context.” She came to the conclusion that, so many people give out misinformation because very few actually do research.                                    Image result for misinformation

Misinformation is false or inaccurate information, especially those statements which are deliberately intended to deceive.

These are many : Types and form of misinformation:

Matt Nurse

1. Propaganda

Is false or only partially true

Is deliberately deceptive

Is designed to persuade, usually for political reasons

Not a new phenomenon

2. Pseudoscience

Is false

Is not usually deliberately deceptive

Is usually designed for commercial gain, usually for product sales

Is not an very new phenomenon

3. Disinformation

Is false

Is deliberately deceptive

Is designed to persuade

Not a new phenomenon

4. Fake news

Is false

Is deliberately deceptive

Is designed for commercial gain

Is a relatively new phenomenon

Is usually published on websites

5 Satire and parody

Is false

Is not deliberately deceptive (although some people may be deceived by it)

Is designed for humour

Is designed for commercial gain

Not a new phenomenon

6. Misreporting

Is false

Is not deliberately deceptive

Is the result of a mistake or manipulation by sources. Not a new phenomenon

7. Biased reporting
May not be true

Is often the result of subjective feelings of unfair treatment by the people or organization

Not a new phenomenon

8. B.S.(Bull S%#:)

Is false

Most deception is not deliberately deceptive, but is the result of failing to care enough to truly investigate and intergrate the facts

Misinformation Is Very Normal                                                   Image result for misinformation is very normal

Also Humans typically believe that they see the world as it is. Known as naïve realism, they believe that what they see and hear is an accurate reflection of what is actually out there. This is not the case. Much of what is seen or heard is ambiguous and humans tend to try and make sense of things so they they can feel in more control of their environment.

When presented with something we do not understand, a wrong answer can feel better than no answer at all. Rather than tolerate the uncertainty, we tend to fill the gaps – even if it results in being incorrect.” An incorrect model of the world feels better than no model at all.”

Naïve realism is partially responsible for what must be one of the greatest disappointments of modern times – democratic outcomes in politics. We tend to believe that other people are much like ourselves (the false consensus effect), associating with likeminded others. This leads to a deceptive illusion of what people are like, what they believe – and consequently how we expect them to vote.

In Conclusion

Misinformation can be very difficult to correct and may have lasting effects even after it is discredited. One reason for this persistence is the manner in which people make causal inferences based on available information about a given event or outcome. As a result, false information may continue to influence beliefs and attitudes even after being debunked if it is not replaced by an alternate causal explanation. All people hear things that are not true, remember you are responsible if you pass it on!!!



Image result for the grapevine

Willie worked as a counter worker in a community store called “Mr Jones Store,” it in a small minority community. Community stores are:
“also known as General stores often sell staple food items such as milk and bread, and various household goods such as hardware and electrical supplies.” These types of store are all over the urban communities.

This store was not uncommon, however it is very vital to the community because in most cases it’s the only store within a five mile radius, and for people without a car, it was their life source.

Willie was the unkind, and under-educated counter person, he wasn’t the owner but he acted like he was because he had an “edge” to his answers when a customer asked him a question, most people would say about him: “he act like he owned, the store.”

Mr Jones Store had all the current and lastest: Newspapers, Magazine’s, and they were huge in a community news or the “gossip corner.” Willie started a rumor which he said, “Donald Trump will stop a lot of public programs and EBT will be one of them!!!”

Rumors go very quickly in these type of communities, and this is how gossip works, you would hear something about someone or something, which came from “the community store”, you go to the store to verify the story, then you go to the Barber or Beauty Shop to confirm it. This type of communication is also called “the grapevine”

“The grapevine is defined as So, a grapevine is an informal, unofficial and personal communication channel or system that takes place within the organization as a result of rumor and gossip. It is a complex web of oral information flow linking all the members of the organization.” There are many types of grapevine-ing but this partcular type of is called:

A Gossip Chain: In the gossip chain, one person seeks and tells the information to everyone. This chain is just like the wheel where one person stays at the centre and the information passes along the spokes of the wheel to others stationed on the rim. In the following figure, A is at the center and passes the information to others staying on the rim of the wheel. The problematic issue about this type form of communication is that no one knows the actual point of origin or the originator of the communication!!!
Other types of Grapevine’s

Single Strand Chain: The single strand chain involves the passing of information through a line of persons to the ultimate recipient. In the figure, the person A tells B, who tells C, who tells D, and so on, till the information has reached most of the persons involved or concerned Grapevine Single Strand Chain

Probability Chain: The probability chain is a random process in which someone transmits the information to others in accordance with the laws of probability and then these others tell still others in a similar way. This chain may also be called random process. The probability chain is shown below-Grapevine Probability Chain

Cluster Chain: In the cluster chain, a person tells the information to the selected persons who may in turn relay (pass) the information to other selected persons. Most of the information communication follows this chain. Cluster chain is shown in the following figure-Grapevine Cluster ChainSo we find four major patterns of grapevine available in different organizations. They are not mutually exclusive rather than inclusive.

Pros and Cons of Grapevine Communication                                Image result for pros and cons about the grapevine
A. Advantages of Grapevine Communication

1. Grapevine channels carry information rapidly.

2. As soon as an employee gets to know some confidential information, he becomes inquisitive and passes the details then to his closest friend who in turn passes it to other. Thus, it spreads hastily.

3. The managers get to know the reactions of their subordinates on their policies. Thus, the feedback obtained is quick compared to formal channel of communication.

4. The grapevine creates a sense of unity among the employees who share and discuss their views with each other. Thus, grapevine helps in developing group cohesiveness.

5. The grapevine serves as an emotional supportive value.

6. The grapevine is a supplement in those cases where formal communication does not work.

B. Disadvantages of Grapevine Communication
1. The grapevine carries partial information at times as it is more based on rumours. Thus, it does not clearly depicts the complete state of affairs.

2. The grapevine is not trustworthy always as it does not follows official path of communication and is spread more by gossips and unconfirmed report.

3. The productivity of employees may be hampered as they spend more time talking rather than working.

The grapevine leads to making hostility against the executives.

4. The grapevine may hamper the goodwill of the organization as it may carry false negative information about the high level people of the organization.

In Conclusion:                                                Image result for pros and cons about the grapevine
Hearing bad information is not a problem, but spreading bad information is, so when an person hears a rumor and they can check it out, because corrected bad rumors can be replaced with good rumors. Good rumors, such as “I asked about that and was told it wasn’t so,” move just as quickly through the grapevine as bad ones, and can increase trust, help build respect, and increase motivation to research and education over being a part of fake information.
Moreover, dealing effectively with the grapevine is a challenge that will always be a part of our lives and job. Those who are able to understand the power of the grapevine will be better prepared to utilize it to provide stability and credibility in the daily environment that is needed in order to achieive our personal goals.

​Fathers Day, And Guy’s We Came A Long Way!!!

Image result for fathers day

The modern holiday of Mother’s Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia. … Her campaign to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died.Image result for history of father's day

And “According to two accounts, the first Father’s Day was celebrated. In May of 1909, Sonora Smart Dodd of Spokane, Wash., sat in church listening to a Mother’s Day sermon. She decided she wanted to designate a day for her dad , William Jackson Smart. Dodd’s mother had died in childbirth, and Dodd’s father, a Civil War veteran, had taken the responsibility of singlehandedly raising the newborn and his other five children. She went to her Pastor to started a petition to recognize the holiday.”

The second very short, not as cute or sweet but sad story is: “inspired by a mining disaster in nearby Monongah the year before that killed 362 men and left 1,000 widows and children.”

At the first Father’s Day celebration, young women handed out red roses to their fathers during a church service, and large baskets full of roses were passed around, with attendees encouraged to pin on a rose in honor of their fathers – red for the living and white in memory of the deceased. Dodd’s then brought her infant son along on a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city, bringing roses and gifts to home-bound fathers.

“The idea of wearing different color flowers, red for alive and white for deceaced was taken from the father’s day celebration and added to the mother’s day celebration in the city of Chicago”                                                                                   Image result for dobbs fathers day


While Congress was quick to officially declare the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day in 1914, after it was first celebrated on May 10, 1908, it took much longer for Father’s Day to be legally recognized. But thanks to Dodd’s celebration, Father’s Day steadily gained popularity.

In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge said that he supported it, in order to establish closer relationships between fathers and their children and to impress upon fathers the full measure of their obligations, according to the Library of Congress.

President Lyndon Johnson issued the first presidential proclamation honoring fathers in 1966, but it wasn’t until 1972 that President Richard Nixon signed the public law that made it a permanent holiday. Since then, Father’s Day has become a time to recognize the many different father figures in our lives.
(by Life’s Little Mysteries, a sister site to LiveScience)

The holiday didn’t take off right away, it needed some help. The help came from a unlikely source, with a likely issue. The tie industry was having a huge lose in sales during 1936, and 37.  “Their efforts were in response to poor sales in 1937. Schmidt’s book quotes one report that only one in six dads was getting a gift on the big day, so a group set the goal of increasing those sales.”

The new group was called, New York Associated Menswear Retailers, it emerged and saved Father’s Day, this was truly boosted by people, with the sale of neckties (as well as dapper shirts and hats, of course), and in 1938 they expanded their efforts to become the National Council for the Promotion of Father’s Day.

“With the help of dry goods, clothing, and tobacco associations, they did just that.

They convinced Macy’s to hold 1941’s “Father’s Day Sports Day” parade and also promoted civic-minded Father’s Day events, like the selection of a father of the year. By 1949, Father’s Day sales had climbed to $106 million,”    Image result for Macys father's day parade

“So the promotion kept going, and Dodd became more involved in selling the holiday, repeating her story happily to the press and other retailers. Sales soared to an estimated $940 million in 1963. And slowly, national appreciation of the holiday followed.”

In 1966, Lyndon Johnson issued a presidential proclamation designating the holiday, and Richard Nixon made it official in 1972.
The holiday is definitely still a commercial hit — the National Retail Federation estimates a $12.7 billion take in 2015.
Father’s Day has grown, by leaps and bounds. However not as big as Mother’s Day and these are some reasons:

“One is that Mother’s Day has just been around longer”

“The second could be a difference in home life structure. According to the Census Bureau, there were 1.9 million single fathers with kids under 18 in 2015, versus 9.9 million single mothers. And in two-parent families where one parent stays home with the kids, there’s a big discrepancy in who it is: The census found that among married couples, there were 5.2 million stay-at-home moms in 2015, versus just 199,000 stay-at-home dads.”

“The National Retail Federation estimates that Mother’s Day this year resulted in $23.6 billion in spending, while Father’s Day–related sales are expected to be around $14.3 billion — not exactly chump change, but a significantly smaller sum nonetheless.”

Father’s Day is finally here, and not a minute to soon.  Through all the pit falls such as: the advertisement, the economic problem, or being second in years and retail sales to mothers, it made it.  From upstart holiday,  to joke about tie sales, to billion-dollar national institution.   So Father’s have fun and enjoy your day, because it took 50 years to get here                                                                             Image result for history of father's day


Image result for why can't we be friends

David was at the movie with his very hot and super attractive bestie Mary :(best female friend). They Got tickets, popcorn, and drinks, they came early so that Mary could tell him about the new guy in her life!!! They found their seats, and passed out drinks, and she prepared the popcorn, they called it the mix, they add “Raisinetts” to the popcorn. They really enjoyed it like that, after eating a couple of hand-fulls she tells him the story: “Hey bestie” he sit eagerly listening, “I met this guy name Julian,” “I think his the one.” David didnt miss a beat he asked, “does he go to our school?” she answered “No silly, I met him at work, Mary worked at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. David “chimed in” like a “scolding parent” “How old is he?” “because you know, how that last college guy treated you!!” she responed “Well silly” I can’t live in the pass, but thank you,” she pondered, “you always care for my feeling.” He exclaimed, “You know, I’m here for you.” She ends the conversation with, that’s why you’re my bestie.”

They finish watching the movie, hugged and went home in separate vehicle’s. On his way home, David sees his friend Micheal getting out of his car, he stopped his car to say hi. David exclaimed: “hey man, where you going?” Micheal responded, I had a great sales week, I wanted to reward myself for exceeding my goal.” Then he looked at David, saying “man where you been, looking GQ, David looking “red faced” saying ” all man come-on, just took Mary to the movies!!!” Micheal said “Mary again, you need to be “hittin that” you need to telling her how you feel about her.” David responded “she’s my friend, and we are just friends.”

Micheal end with “come on, man, men and women can’t just be friend?”
Is Micheal right??? Can men and women  just be friends???

Heterosexual Male and female relationships are as common as the sun rising, and as old as the addage: “boy meets girl.” our lives are filled with example male and female romance: Romeo and Juliet , Beyonce and Jayz, Cinderella and Prince Charming, and Kermit and Ms. Piggy!!! With these fun and funny relational images lodge in our had, how can we consider, a man and women, have a relationship without it eventually turning into dating or romance???

However if you ask any women, can men and women be friends or to say just friends??? most will say “yes they can”
Platonic relationships is defined as

“(of love or friendship) intimate and affectionate but not sexual.”
These type relationships happen in human interactions all of the time, and over-time they can become very close!!!  A platonic friendship makes you emotionally available, but with new nonplatonic relationships, can cause problems, because

“you might have all your needs met by your platonic friend, which might make you lose or abandon your nonplatonic relationship.”  it also prevents a deep and meaningful relationships,”  because remember friendship fulfills all of these needs:

10 needs of friendship:                                                            Image result for 10

By Dr Sedhoff
1. Valued: The time you spend with a person, your investment in the friendship.
2. Noticed: Talking, speaking, being in the same room. Stonewalling is destructive.
3. Appreciated: Thanking someone for their efforts, even dinner.
4. Heard: Listening when someone wants to talk. The more we share, the more we bond.
5. Sameness: Focusing on similarities unites us.Focusing on difference makes us enemies.
6. Validated/approved: We need to hear we are doing a good job, as a parent for example.
7. Respected: Treating each other as equals.
8. Cared for: Nurturing and accepting our differences.
9. Supported: Not forcing people to be anything they are not.
10. Protected: Being there for someone.

And there may not be room for a relationship outside of your friendship. Another major problem with women and men in platonic friendships is “there is a large gender differences in how men and women experience opposite-sex friendships”

(The following information was taking from Scientific America study of “88 pairs of undergraduate opposite-sex friends into…a science lab.”)

How men see the friendship:
“Men were much more attracted to their female friends than vice versa. Men were also more likely than women to think that their opposite-sex friends were attracted to them”

“Fact, men’s estimates of how attractive they were to their female friends had virtually nothing to do with how these women actually felt,”

Basically, males assumed that any romantic attraction they experienced was mutual, and were blind to the actual level of romantic interest felt by their female friends.

Men, relative to women, have a particularly hard time being “just friends.”
How women see the friendship:
Women, too, were blind to the mindset of their opposite-sex friends; because females generally were not attracted to their male friends, they assumed that this lack of attraction was mutual. Women were sensitive to their male friends’ relationship status and uninterested in pursuing those who were already involved with someone else.
women seem to be genuine in their belief that opposite-sex friendships
How they both see the friendship:
Both men and women were equally attracted to romantically involved opposite-sex friends and those who were single; “hot” friends

As a result, men consistently overestimated the level of attraction felt by their female friends and women consistently underestimated the level of attraction felt by their male friends.

Image result for How both men and women see friendship

In Conclusion
“Daily experience suggests that non-romantic friendships between males and females are not only possible, but common—men and women live, work, and play side-by-side, and generally seem to be able to avoid spontaneously sleeping together.

However, the possibility remains that this apparently platonic coexistence is merely a façade, an elaborate dance covering up countless sexual impulses bubbling just beneath the surface” Men’s desire to go further showing “direct proof that two people can experience the exact same relationship in radically different ways.

Men seem to see myriad opportunities for romance in their supposedly platonic opposite-sex friendships. The women in these friendships, however, seem to have a completely different orientation—one that is actually platonic.”
Moreover” women seem to be genuine in their belief that opposite-sex friendships are platonic, men seem unable to turn off their desire for something more.” So when you are in that heated conversation with your: wife, husband, lady or guy and they start to say “Wow, what’s your problem, they are just my friend.” Please refer them to my post. And how problematic that type of relationship is.  Take care of one another, and have all happy and safe relationship!!!        Image result for men see friendship with a women


​Memories of Memorial Day

Image result for memorial day

Ask anyone, “what did you do for memorial day???” and you’ll get the same story. “We had a barbeque and we had: ribs, potatoe salad…”  most people celebrate the holiday this way. Some. Celebrate it this way:

“I was thinking this morning that across the country children and their parents will be going to the town parade and the young ones will sit on the sidewalks and wave their flags as the band goes by. Later, maybe, they’ll have a cookout or a day at the beach. And that’s good, because today is a day to be with the family and to remember.”

Image result for history memorial day

Memorial Day has such a rich history” It’s the day we remember the fallen hero of all American Wars” let’s go deeper into history and look at  its historical background:
Lost is always the pain of every war and grief and pain of lose was never felt more greatly than America’s Civil War:
“More Americans were lost during the Civil War (620,000) than died in both World Wars combined (521,000). Factor in the differences in population and you can imagine how hard of a hit the war between the north and the south was on the country itself.”
After the War American was in a great transition period, but most of the families were feeling the pains of grief and lose because had no “BODY” of their love ones to “lay to rest!!! So to relieve the stress of their greif familied would go out, on a spring day, to the cemetery and mourn the fall as they also remember their lost!!!
“The practice of decorating soldiers’ graves with flowers is an ancient custom.[5] Soldiers’ graves were decorated in the U.S. before[6] and during the American Civil War.”

Image result for Memorial day May 5, 1868

The called this observance:
…”on May 5, 1868, in his capacity as commander-in-chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, the veterans’ organization for Union Civil War veterans, General John A. Logan issued a proclamation calling for “Decoration Day” to be observed annually and nationwide.[7] It was observed for the first time that year on Saturday May 30; the date was chosen because it was not the anniversary of any particular battle.[22]
Also “According to the White House, the May 30 date was chosen as the optimal date for flowers to be in bloom.[23]

The national cemetery was established during the Civil War on the grounds of Arlington House, which had been the estate of the family of Confederate general Robert E. Lee’s wife Mary Anna (Custis) Lee (a great-granddaughter of Martha Washington).”
Gradually Decoration Day became known as Memorial Day. Memorial Day became an official federal holiday in 1971. It now falls on the last Monday in May. Today, members of the Old Guard decorate the graves at Arlington National Cemetery with small American flags on the Thursday before Memorial Day. In only four hours, Old Guard service members plant flags in front of approximately 280,000 headstones and the bottom of about 7,000 niche (for cremated remains) rows. This is a tradition that has been in place since 1948.
In December 2000, President Bill Clinton signed into law the National Moment of Remembrance Act saying that Americans should pause at 3 p.m. each Memorial Day and take a moment to remember the fallen.

Image result for history memorial day

The Memorial Day Observation Ceremony at Arlington includes a prelude from the United States Marine Corp band, a full honor wreath laying ceremony at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and an observance ceremony. Usually the President of the United States attends the event, which is free and opened to the public.
Memorial Day is an American holiday, observed on the last Monday of May, honoring the men and women who died while serving in the U.S. military. Originally known as Decoration Day, it originated in the years following the Civil War and became an official federal holiday in 1971. Many Americans observe Memorial Day by visiting cemeteries or memorials, holding family gatherings and participating in parades. Unofficially, it marks the beginning of the summer season.
So enjoy you’re Memorial Day and cook a rib for me!!