Irritable Bowel Syndrome:What Is I.B.S??? How Do You Get It??? How Can You Get Some Relief From It??? II Of VIII

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Some Symptoms

The signs and symptoms of IBS vary. The most common include:

  • Abdominal pain, cramping or bloating that is typically relieved or partially relieved by passing a bowel movement
  • Excess gas
  • Diarrhea or constipation — sometimes alternating bouts of diarrhea and constipation
  • Mucus in the stool

Most people with IBS experience times when the signs and symptoms are worse and times when they improve or even disappear completely.

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When to see a doctor

See your doctor if you have a persistent change in bowel habits or other signs or symptoms of IBS. They may indicate a more serious condition, such as colon cancer. More-serious signs and symptoms include:

  • Weight loss
  • Diarrhea at night
  • Rectal bleeding
  • Iron deficiency anemia
  • Unexplained vomiting
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Persistent pain that isn’t relieved by passing gas or a bowel movement

Mary Read through these three pamphlets cover to cover:

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Causes Of I.B.S.

The precise cause of IBS isn’t known. Factors that appear to play a role include:

  • Muscle contractions in the intestine. The walls of the intestines are lined with layers of muscle that contract as they move food through your digestive tract. Contractions that are stronger and last longer than normal can cause gas, bloating and diarrhea. Weak intestinal contractions can slow food passage and lead to hard, dry stools.
  • Nervous system. Abnormalities in the nerves in your digestive system may cause you to experience greater than normal discomfort when your abdomen stretches from gas or stool. Poorly coordinated signals between the brain and the intestines can cause your body to overreact to changes that normally occur in the digestive process, resulting in pain, diarrhea or constipation.
  • Inflammation in the intestines. Some people with IBS have an increased number of immune-system cells in their intestines. This immune-system response is associated with pain and diarrhea.
  • Severe infection. IBS can develop after a severe bout of diarrhea (gastroenteritis) caused by bacteria or a virus. IBS might also be associated with a surplus of bacteria in the intestines (bacterial overgrowth).
  • Changes in bacteria in the gut (microflora). Microflora are the “good” bacteria that reside in the intestines and play a key role in health. Research indicates that micro-flora in people with IBS might differ from micro-flora in healthy people.

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Triggers Of I.B.S.

Symptoms of IBS can be triggered by:

  • Food. The role of food allergy or intolerance in IBS isn’t fully understood. A true food allergy rarely causes IBS. But many people have worse IBS symptoms when they eat or drink certain foods or beverages, including wheat, dairy products, citrus fruits, beans, cabbage, milk and carbonated drinks.
  • Stress. Most people with IBS experience worse or more frequent signs and symptoms during periods of increased stress. But while stress may aggravate symptoms, it doesn’t cause them.
  • Hormones. Women are twice as likely to have IBS, which might indicate that hormonal changes play a role. Many women find that signs and symptoms are worse during or around their menstrual periods.

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Risk factors

Many people have occasional signs and symptoms of IBS. But you’re more likely to have the syndrome if you:

  • Are young. IBS occurs more frequently in people under age 50.
  • Are female. In the United States, IBS is more common among women. Estrogen therapy before or after menopause also is a risk factor for IBS.
  • Have a family history of IBS. Genes may play a role, as may shared factors in a family’s environment or a combination of genes and environment.
  • Have a mental health problem. Anxiety, depression and other mental health issues are associated with IBS. A history of sexual, physical or emotional abuse also might be a risk factor.


Chronic constipation or diarrhea can cause hemorrhoids.

In addition, IBS is associated with:

  • Poor quality of life. Many people with moderate to severe IBS report poor quality of life. Research indicates that people with IBS miss three times as many days from work as do those without bowel symptoms.
  • Mood disorders. Experiencing the signs and symptoms of IBS can lead to depression or anxiety. Depression and anxiety also can make IBS worse.

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Irritable Bowel Syndrome:What Is I.B.S??? How Do You Get It??? How Can You Get Some Relief From It??? I Of VII

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After a stressful day, Mary wasn’t feeling herself, she had kind of depressed and her body just felt sick, but it wasn’t a cold or the flu. So as she entered her house, she laid on the couch she put on her comfortable pajamas, grabbed her favorite blanket, brewed her stress-free tea, and lit a fire in the fire place to de-stress, thinking that it will pass and tomorrow she would be back to being her fun loving self.  However the next day this feeling met her as she opened her eyes, continued as she took her shower and drove with her all the way to work.  As the day went on she would notice this feeling every-time she took a break, or changed activities, but she just though of it as recovering from her stress-full  day the day before. To her surprise she realized that, this feeling would last for weeks and it started to effect her eating sleeping and she felt like she couldn’t relax.   It go so bad t,hat it was the topic of all her daily conversations and she even was contemplating  taking time off. So she called her friend Jane, because she was really frustrated and needed some help dealing with this unnamed sickness that’s taking over her life.

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As The phone rang, Mary was hoping to hear her friend voice and as she picked up She busted out in tears: “Jane is that you???”  Jane responded “Yes,Mary??” and continued filled with worry “Mary where have you been? Everybody have been so worried and looking allover for you.” “Is there anything wrong?” Mary cried “I’ve been feeling terrible after finishing the Jones account and it has lasted four week and I feel worst than ever.” Jane interjected “Wow That’s Four Weeks, Have You seen The Doctor?!!” Mary answered “yes it has been for week, and no I haven’t seen the doctor. Should I? “Yes!!!”  answered Jane, and Mary continued talking about the horror about his sickness and the stress, anxiety, depression, and abdominal pains, she had been going through in the last four week.  As Mary end the phone call she thanks Jane for her help, Says: “I Love You!!” and goes to the emergency room as instructed by her friend.

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Arriving at the emergency room she goes inside and talked to the receptionist and then to a nurse and a aid takes her to a waiting room to see a doctor.  Fifteen minutes after arriving her family doctor, Doctor Richard Martin came rushing to her waiting room, with a look of shock. he says “Hey Mary, haven’t seen you in a while, What’s going on???” Mary tearfully responded “I Don’t Know!!!” and told Dr. Martin all about the stressful day and the past miserable four weeks.  He ordered test and a IV and a sedative, because she looked frazzled, a nurse took all the blood she needed, another man with a big EKG machine came in checking her vitals, and ended with temperature and blood pressure test.  As Mary slept Dr. Martin awaited the test results.

Hours later, Dr Martin woke her saying: “Mary”, and she looked up he continued, “I don’t know what’s wrong so I ordered some more test, because I’m pretty sure I am close to a diagnoses.” So Mary went to the ear nose and throat area, to finish her final test, two hours later and one phone call to her place of employment later, she was back resting in the waiting room, when doctor Martin returned with his diagnoses.

“Mary”, he said “You Have Irritable Bowel Syndrome.” He waited for her to take it in, then she asked “What’s That???” He gave he a overview…


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What Is I.B.S.

Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is a common disorder that affects the large intestine. Signs and symptoms include cramping, abdominal pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea or constipation, or both. IBS is a chronic condition that you’ll need to manage long term.

Only a small number of people with IBS have severe signs and symptoms. Some people can control their symptoms by managing diet, lifestyle and stress. More-severe symptoms can be treated with medication and counseling.

IBS doesn’t cause changes in bowel tissue or increase your risk of colorectal cancer.

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When You’re Drinking “A Cup Of Joe” Or Drinking A Energy Drink, Today Think About The Godfather Of Caffeine. Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

8 February 2019

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, the godfather of caffeine

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge’s contributions to chemistry are often overlooked

ullstein bild via Getty Images

Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, who is celebrated in today’s Google doodle, was the discoverer of caffeine and the first person to isolate quinine, but his contribution to chemistry is often overlooked.

He also invented paper chromatography, a method for separating chemicals which is widely used in teaching labs.

Runge was born in Germany in 1794, the son of a pastor and the third of seven children. While working as an apprentice in his uncle’s pharmacy, he got a drop of hen-bane juice in his eye, and noticed that his pupil dilated. Based on experiments on a cat’s eye, he went on to write a dissertation on the toxic effects of atropine, a chemical found in plants like hen bane and deadly nightshade. Atropine blocks receptors for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is released by the nervous system to activate muscles.

Runge studied chemistry at the University of Jena, Germany, under J. W. Döbereiner, an adviser to the writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe. His fellow students called him “Dr Gift” – the German word for poison. Döbereiner arranged for Runge to perform a demonstration of atropine’s ability to make cats’ pupils dilate for Goethe. Goethe was suitably impressed, and at the end of their meeting he presented Runge with a packet of coffee beans, suggesting that their chemical components might be worth investigating. Runge studied the beans, and later that year, he discovered caffeine.

In 1819, while still a student, Runge made another remarkable discovery for which he is seldom credited, isolating quinine from cinchona bark. The discovery of quinine, the first effective antimalarial compound, is usually attributed to Pierre Joseph Pelletier and Joseph Bienaimé Caventou, who reported their work a year later.

At the time, students in Germany had to do their oral doctoral examination in Latin, but Runge only went to elementary school and had not learned any other languages. He got through the exam by blurting out stock phrases such as “practica est multiplex” (practice is varied); “post nubila phoebus” (after the clouds, the sun); and “errare est humanum” (to err is human).

In his later years, Runge, a lifelong bachelor, directed his chemical knowledge towards household problems, such as removing stains, making wines from fruits, canning meats and vegetables, and showing off his culinary skill at dinner parties.


The History of The Marriage License: Asking The Questions Should States Have Authority And Powers Over Marriage?Part III Of III

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3. When you marry with a marriage license, you place yourself under a body of law which is immoral. By obtaining a marriage license, you place yourself under the jurisdiction of Family Court which is governed by unbiblical and immoral laws. Under these laws, you can divorce for any reason. Often, the courts side with the spouse who is in rebellion to God, and castigates the spouse who remains faithful by ordering him or her not to speak about the Bible or other matters of faith when present with the children.

As a minister, I cannot in good conscience perform a marriage which would place people under this immoral body of laws. I also cannot marry someone with a marriage license because to do so I have to act as an agent of the State! I would have to sign the marriage license, and I would have to mail it into the State. Given the State’s demand to usurp the place of God and family regarding marriage, and given it’s unbiblical, immoral laws to govern marriage, it would be an act of treason for me to do so.

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4. The marriage license invades and removes God-given parental authority. When you read the Bible, you see that God intended for children to have their father’s blessing regarding whom they married. Daughters were to be given in marriage by their fathers (Dt. 22:16; Ex. 22:17; I Cor. 7:38). We have a vestige of this in our culture today in that the father takes his daughter to the front of the altar and the minister asks, “Who gives this woman to be married to this man?”

Historically, there was no requirement to obtain a marriage license in colonial America. When you read the laws of the colonies and then the states, you see only two requirements for marriage. First, you had to obtain your parents permission to marry, and second, you had to post public notice of the marriage 5-15 days before the ceremony.

Notice you had to obtain your parents permission. Back then you saw godly government displayed in that the State recognized the parents authority by demanding that the parents permission be obtained. Today, the all-encompassing ungodly State demands that their permission be obtained to marry.

By issuing marriage licenses, the State is saying, “You don’t need your parents permission, you need our permission.” If parents are opposed to their child’s marrying a certain person and refuse to give their permission, the child can do an end run around the parents authority by obtaining the State’s permission, and marry anyway. This is an invasion and removal of God-given parental authority by the State.

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5. When you marry with a marriage license, you are like a polygamist. From the State’s point of view, when you marry with a marriage license, you are not just marrying your spouse, but you are also marrying the State.

The most blatant declaration of this fact that I have ever found is a brochure entitled “With This Ring I Thee Wed.” It is found in county courthouses across Ohio where people go to obtain their marriage licenses. It is published by the Ohio State Bar Association. The opening paragraph under the subtitle “Marriage Vows” states, “Actually, when you repeat your marriage vows you enter into a legal contract. There are three parties to that contract. 1.You; 2. Your husband or wife, as the case may be; and 3. the State of Ohio.”

See, the State and the lawyers know that when you marry with a marriage license, you are not just marrying your spouse, you are marrying the State! You are like a polygamist! You are not just making a vow to your spouse, but you are making a vow to the State and your spouse. You are also giving undue jurisdiction to the State.

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When Does The State Has Jurisdiction Over Marriage?

God intended the State to have jurisdiction over a marriage for two reasons – 1). in the case of divorce, and 2). when crimes are committed i.e., adultery, bigamy. etc. Unfortunately, the State now allows divorce for any reason, and it does not prosecute for adultery.

In either case, divorce or crime, a marriage license is not necessary for the courts to determine whether a marriage existed or not. What is needed are witnesses. This is why you have a best man and a maid of honor. They should sign the marriage certificate in your family Bible, and the wedding day guest book should be kept.

Marriage was instituted by God, therefore it is a God-given right. According to Scripture, it is to be governed by the family, and the State only has jurisdiction in the cases of divorce or crime.

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Now The History Of Marriage In America

George Washington was married without a marriage license. So, how did we come to this place in America where marriage licenses are issued?

Historically, all the states in America had laws outlawing the marriage of blacks and whites. In the mid-1800’s, certain states began allowing interracial marriages or miscegenation as long as those marrying received a license from the state. In other words they had to receive permission to do an act which without such permission would have been illegal.

Blacks Law Dictionary points to this historical fact when it defines “marriage license” as, “A license or permission granted by public authority to persons who intend to intermarry.” “Intermarry” is defined in Black’s Law Dictionary as, “Miscegenation; mixed or interracial marriages.”

Give the State an inch and they will take a 100 miles (or as one elderly woman once said to me “10,000 miles.”) Not long after these licenses were issued, some states began requiring all people who marry to obtain a marriage license. In 1923, the Federal Government established the Uniform Marriage and Marriage License Act (they later established the Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act). By 1929, every state in the Union had adopted marriage license laws.

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The Conclusion To The Christian Point Of View!!!

Christian couples should not be marrying with State marriage licenses, nor should ministers be marrying people with State marriage licenses. Some have said to me, “If someone is married without a marriage license, then they aren’t really married.” Given the fact that states may soon legalize same-sex marriages, we need to ask ourselves, “If a man and a man marry with a State marriage license, and a man and woman marry without a State marriage license – who’s really married? Is it the two men with a marriage license, or the man and woman without a marriage license? In reality, this contention that people are not really married unless they obtain a marriage license simply reveals how Statistic we are in our thinking. We need to think biblically. (As for homosexuals marrying, outlaw sodomy as God’s law demands, and there will be no threat of sodomites marrying.)

You should not have to obtain a license from the State to marry someone anymore than you should have to obtain a license from the State to be a parent, which some in academic and legislative circles are currently pushing to be made law.

When I marry a couple, I always buy them a Family Bible which contains birth and death records, and a marriage certificate. We record the marriage in the Family Bible. What’s recorded in a Family Bible will stand up as legal evidence in any court of law in America. Early Americans were married without a marriage license. They simply recorded their marriages in their Family Bibles. So should we.

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And My Final Thoughts

While there has been an ebb and flow feeling to marriage licenses over the years, it is clear that the documents are here to stay. No longer associated with the exchange of goods and services between families, the license does have an impact on the economics after the end of a marriage. In most states, individuals married with the authority of license, must equally share the assets obtained through the course of the marriage should they choose to end the union. The premise is this: Income and property obtained during a marriage should be shared equitably between the parties who chose to “become one flesh” at the beginning of the blessed union. It makes sense, don’t you think?

Be thankful for marriage licenses, friends. They offer legitimacy to the union in case there happens to be legal issues along the way. Also, the licenses help the states take a good account of their people and their situations in life.

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The History of The Marriage License: Asking The Questions Should States Have Authority And Powers Over Marriage?Part II Of III

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The rise of State Authoritarian Control

Prior to the 18th Century, marriages in the United States remained the primary responsibility of local churches. After a church-issued marriage license was signed by an officiant, it was registered with the state. By the late 19th century, the various states started to nix common-law marriages. Finally, the states decided to exert considerable control over who would be allowed to marry within the state’s borders. As stated earlier,the government sought control of marriage licenses to compile vital statistics information. Further, the issuance of the licenses provided a consistent revenue stream.


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Homosexual marriages

Since June 2016, the United States has authorized same-sex unions. This is the brave new world of marriage license issuance. Indeed, same-gender partners can walk into any country courthouse and receive a license to have their union recognized by the states. While the Supreme Court’s ruling on this issue remains an area of contention with churches, it is the understood law of the land.

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A word about the license rebellion

During the 1960s, many partners railed against governments by flatly rejecting the idea of a marriage license. Instead of obtaining licenses, these couples simply cohabitated. Rejecting the idea that “a piece of paper” defined the properness of a relationship, couples just continued to cohabitate and procreate without a binding document between them. Even in today’s context, a host of fundamentalist Christians allow their followers the right to marry without a state-issued license in hand. One particular gentleman, a minister named Matt Trewhella, will not allow parishioners of Mercy Seat Christian Church in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin to marry if they present a license.

Knowing The History Of The Laws Of Marriage Most People Choose Not To Engage In Marriage:

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Five Reasons Why Christians Should Not Obtain a State Marriage License by: Pastor Matt Trewhella

Licensing street sign

1. The definition of a “license” demands that we not obtain one to marry. Black’s Law Dictionary defines “license” as, “The permission by competent authority to do an act which without such permission, would be illegal.” We need to ask ourselves- why should it be illegal to marry without the State’s permission? More importantly, why should we need the State’s permission to participate in something which God instituted (Gen. 2:18-24)? We should not need the State’s permission to marry nor should we grovel before state officials to seek it. What if you apply and the State says “no”? You must understand that the authority to license implies the power to prohibit. A license by definition “confers a right” to do something. The State cannot grant the right to marry. It is a God-given right.

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2. When you marry with a marriage license, you grant the State jurisdiction over your marriage. When you marry with a marriage license, your marriage is a creature of the State. It is a corporation of the State! Therefore, they have jurisdiction over your marriage including the fruit of your marriage. What is the fruit of your marriage? Your children and every piece of property you own. There is plenty of case law in American jurisprudence which declares this to be true.

In 1993, parents were upset here in Wisconsin because a test was being administered to their children in the government schools which was very invasive of the family’s privacy. When parents complained, they were shocked by the school bureaucrats who informed them that their children were required to take the test by law and that they would have to take the test because they (the government school) had jurisdiction over their children. When parents asked the bureaucrats what gave them jurisdiction, the bureaucrats answered, “your marriage license and their birth certificates.” Judicially, and in increasing fashion, practically, your state marriage license has far-reaching implications.

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The History of The Marriage License: Asking The Questions Should States Have Authority And Powers Over Marriage?Part I Of III

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Despite their common use today, the good old marriage license was not always grafted to the tapestry of civilized society. When were marriage licenses first issued? We are glad you asked.

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Overview of the history of marriage laws

Marriage licenses were absolutely unknown prior to the arrival of the Middle Ages. In what we would refer to as England, the marriage license was first introduced by the church by 1100 C.E. England, a huge proponent of organizing the information obtained by the issuance of the marriage license, exported the practice to the western territories by 1600 C.E. The idea of a marriage license took firm roots in the Americas of the colonial period. Today, the process of submitting an application for a marriage license is accepted practice throughout the world. In some places, most notably the United States, state-sanctioned marriage licenses continues to garner scrutiny in communities that believe the church should have the first and only say on such matters.

 Image result for Marriage contract

Early marriage contracts

In the earliest days of the broad issuance of marriage licenses, the licenses represented a sort of business transaction. As marriages were private affairs commenced between members of two families, the licenses were seen as contractual. In a patristic world, the bride may not may have even known that the “contract” was guiding the exchange of goods, services, and cash holdings between two families. Indeed, the end of the marriage union was not only to ensure the prospect of procreation, but also forged social, financial, and political alliances.

Further, in the state-run organization widely known as the Church of England, priests, bishops, and other clergy had a substantial say in authorizing a marriage. Eventually, the church’s influence was tempered by the creation of secular laws regarding marriage licensing. While creating a substantial revenue stream for the state, the licenses also helped municipalities craft accurate census data. Today, marriage records are among the vital statistics held by developed nations.

Image result for publication of banns of marriage

The arrival of the Publication of Banns

As the Church of England expanded and solidified its power throughout the country and its robust colonies in America, colony churches adopted the license policies held by the churches and judicatories back in England. In both state and church contexts,a “Publication of Banns” served as a formal writ of marriage. The Publication of Banns was a cheap alternative to the considerably more expensive marriage license. Indeed, the State Library of Virginia has documents that describe banns as a widely disseminated public notice. Banns were shared orally at the town center or published in town publications for three consecutive weeks after the formal nuptials had been completed.

Image result for history of Marriage and the racist south

The face of racism in the American South

It is widely reported that in 1741 the colony of North Carolina took judicial control over marriages. At the time, the primary concern was interracial marriages. North Carolina sought to prohibit interracial marriages by issuing marriage licenses to those deemed acceptable for marriage.

By the 1920s, more than 38 states in the US had crafted similar policies and laws to promote and maintain racial purity. Up the hill in the state of Virginia, the state’s Racial Integrity Act (RIA) – passed in 1924 made it absolutely illegal for partners from two races to marry. Amazingly, the RIA was on the books in Virginia Law until 1967. Amid an era of sweeping racial reform, the U.S. Supreme Court declared that the state of Virginia’s prohibition on interracial marriage was absolutely unconstitutional.

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Army Wife And Her Alleged Lover Arrested In Husband’s Murder — Black America Web

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What A Difference A Bra Makes: Buying A New Bra, What A Easy Way To Change Your Look. (Part V Of V)

Image result for four steps to a better bra

4 Steps to a better bra

1. Get measured or measure yourself

Try this 5-point calculator or go get measured professionally (at a store that sells bras in the non-standard range).

Image result for read and review

2. Read reviews

Before you try on some bras in your new size, see what bra styles are commonly recommended for your breast shape and what others say about them. Reviews can also help you decide which size to try on since it’s likely that you won’t be the exact same size in every bra style. Good sources for these types of reviews and recommendations are A Bra that Fits, Bratabaseand personal blogs with a focus on bras.

Image result for try a lot of versions of bras

3. Try on lots of different versions

Once you have a shortlist of bras to try on, order a bunch of sizes online or try them on at a department store that stocks different brands. Use the criteria below to assess the fit of each bra you try on, and don’t worry if you don’t hit the jackpot straightaway. I probably tried on upwards of 20 bras until I found the first style and size combination that fit perfectly. After that it gets easier because you already know what type of bras work best for your boobs.

Image result for international sizing for bras

4. Beware of international sizing

As if bra sizing wasn’t already confusing enough! Converting band sizes from US or UK to EU or AU sizing is relatively straightforward (just check this table right here). It’s the cup sizes that you really need to watch out for, because all international sizing systems use letters to denote cup size, but above a D cup those letters don’t mean the same anymore. I once ordered a bra from a UK site in my usual 30F size and it took me ages to figure out why the cup was way too big. Turns out I am only an F-cup in European sizing, but an E in UK sizes (and a DDD or F in US sizes). Bottom line: make sure you double-check what sizing system each bra is, and keep a conversion table on hand while you shop.

Image result for What does a well-fitting bra look like?

What does a well-fitting bra look like?

Here are some basic criteria to look out for:

  • The bra feels comfortable. This is hands-down the most important criteria.
  • It lies flat against your back without riding up or sitting too low. It’s ok if the band digs into your skin a little bit since it should be tight, but it should never feel restricting or even painful.
  • The gore (the part between the cups in front) should lie against your chest (as opposed to float between them).
  • The underwiring should sit in your inframmary fold, not on top of breast tissue. The underwiring should also not dig into your skin below your armpits. Also watch out for breast tissue spilling out on the sides (that’s usually a sign for a too-small cup or a shape mismatch).
  • The cups should lie flat against your breasts without gapping at the top or causing spill-over.
  • The straps should be tight enough to stay on your shoulders but without digging into the skin.

For more details, check out these two great articles:

Image result for Where to find non-standard bra sizes

Where to find non-standard bra sizes

Unfortunately, many lingerie brands still don’t offer bras outside the standard 32-38 A-DD range. Here are some that do and where to find them online:

Online stores

Amazon and Ebay are also options.

Online stores

Amazon and Ebay are also options.

ResourcesBra size calculatorA Bra That Fits on Reddit (lots and lots of great tips and discussions here)The Bra Band Project shows what properly-fitted bras look like at different sizesNormal Breasts Gallery aims to show that breasts come in all different shapes and sizesBratabase A bra database where you can find reviews for every bra by sizeWhat sister size bras look like ( stores
Figleaves (worldwide)Bare Necessities (worldwideHerRoom (US + Canada)BraStop (worldwide, D-K cups only)Enamora (Germany only)Nordstrom (worldwide)Amazon and Ebay are also options.

ResourcesBra size calculatorA Bra That Fits on Reddit (lots and lots of great tips and discussions here)The Bra Band Project shows what properly-fitted bras look like at different sizesNormal Breasts Gallery aims to show that breasts come in all different shapes and sizesBratabase A bra database where you can find reviews for every bra by sizeWhat sister size bras look like (

Online stores
Figleaves (worldwide)Bare Necessities (worldwideHerRoom (US + Canada)BraStop (worldwide, D-K cups only)Enamora (Germany only)Nordstrom (worldwide)Amazon and Ebay are also options.

ResourcesBra size calculatorA Bra That Fits on Reddit (lots and lots of great tips and discussions here)The Bra Band Project shows what properly-fitted bras look like at different sizesNormal Breasts Gallery aims to show that breasts come in all different shapes and sizesBratabase A bra database where you can find reviews for every bra by sizeWhat sister size bras look like (

ResourcesBra size calculatorA Bra That Fits on Reddit (lots and lots of great tips and discussions here)The Bra Band Project shows what properly-fitted bras look like at different sizesNormal Breasts Gallery aims to show that breasts come in all different shapes and sizesBratabase A bra database where you can find reviews for every bra by sizeWhat sister size bras look like (

Image result for 3 Ways to Find the Best Bra Ever

3 Ways to Find the Best Bra Ever

You’ll never wear a too-tight style again.